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Here at “The Costa Quiz Company” we produce and market the “The World Famous Music Quiz”

The Quiz

The quiz is most of all fun. We play classic songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s in a quiz format that is entertaining and unique.

Targeted mostly towards the British/Expat bars on the Spanish costas, we think it's more than just a quiz, though the quiz competition is very serious, it's a really fun night out. All our quizzes are followed by the best and most uplifting music from both our and hopefully your favourite music decades.

We think you really will know every song we play, the harder part is knowing the other elements of the quiz.

“The World Famous Music Quiz” is made up of 5 rounds.

  1.  The Picture Round - Test your knowledge, memory and sometimes your powers of deduction on 10 pictures from the world of music.
  2. The Intro Round - You should always know the song but will you get it from just the intro. We're sure you would if we played the whole song.
  3. The Cover Version Round - Again you will know the song, but will you remember its proper title, who is singing the song and who was the original artist.
  4. The Songs From The Movies And TV Round - The song you will know and recognise and more often the singer or the artist but will you know the film or TV show it's most associated with.
  5. The Complete Songs Round - The songs again you should know and more often than not the singer/artist but will you be able to work out or remember the decade it was a hit.


The League

Another and equally important element of the quiz is The Prize Money and the League Tables.


Individual venues enter into a league and the quiz is played on the same evening, currently Tuesday and Thursday nights. Each venue plays the quiz every week and the venue with the most points at the end of the month wins 500 euros.( We total the number of team points and divide by the number of players so you're not disadvantaged by a venue that attracts a bigger crowd ) 


We also encourage each bar to start it's own internal league table and if your venue wins the league we suggest that they split the prize money by way of 250 euros for 1st , 150 euros for 2nd and 100 euros for 3rd.


Most, if not all, venues offer a prize to the winning team on the night. Many offer 100 euros to the team who wins the venues own monthly league whether or not they win the league against the other competing venues ( This can depend on the number of players paying )


Entry fee is 2 euros per player, paid to the bar, and there is a maximum of 6 players per team.


A full details of The Rules & RegulationsHow The League Works and How Your Venue Calculates It's Score are available on our Info Page.